Being a Business Analyst

Coming into a new project or piece of work is sometimes confronting and it is essential you have the right tools and techniques to be successful in the fast paced environment of being a business analyst.

This is the first post of many posts which will go over what I believe are some of the important tips, techniques and processes that will help you master the skills of a BA from the beginning of the project to a happy production release and then some.

Here is a sneak peak into some of the topics coming soon...
  • Understanding the business objective
  • Merging business and technology
  • What is the project Scope?
  • Working with designers
  • How to run a valuable inception
  • Producing an MVP (Minimum viable product)
  • Highlights of a good user story
  • Estimation techniques
  • The life of a hybrid business analyst and scrum master
  • Other references
This should be a perfect toolset to add to your arsenal of skills whether you are a business analyst or not.

I'd like to call out that I am not the master here, it is the community and teams that you work with day to day that help improve your practices. My posts will not be the best way to do something, only a starting point to how you can take it and make it something that works for you and your teams.

If you would like to see a topic that isn't listed above, add it in the comments below :)